Friday 6 January 2017

How to add AddThis to Blogger

Once you write a post, you would love to get it shared on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or even through email. Your posts can earn more visibility once your content is shared as much as possible. Well, I don't think I have to tell you that your website's social visibility can help to gain better organic rankings (to an extent, yes!).

To serve this purpose, we have umpteen number of options available. The one I prefer the most is

AddThis is a social bookmarking service that can be integrated into a website with the use of a web widget. I will try to provide some help here on How to add Addthis to Blogger. Hope this would be a good assistance to those who have started posting on

Please make a note of the following steps on how to add Addthis widget/tool to Blogger

1) Create an account on AddThis ( Options availble to register: Google account, Facebook, Twitter or any of your email accounts

2) Once you complete the sign up process, log into your AddThis account

3) Click on Explore the Tools. Once you scroll down you would see a wide range of options - Sidebar, Image Sharing, Expanding and Inline

4) Let's learn how to add Sidebar option to Blogger. Click on Activate under Sidebar option

5) Select the Position drop-down based on your preferences for Desktop and Mobile. Example, let's select Left for Desktop and Bottom for Mobile.

6) Later you can see options for Share Counters that includes - None, Individual, Total, Individual & Total. Let's select the last one.

7) You have an option to select the Social Networks of your choice. Either you can opt for Automatic or you can select the networks of your choice. If you select say Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Whatsapp; you can drag them in an order of your priority. 

8) Under Design, you can select Style of your choice and Mobile Button Size of your choice. You can also customise Icon Color and Background Color.

9) Under Advanced Options, you can hide the widget/tool on certain pages of your choice. Under Extra Appearance Settings you can set a minimum threshold value required to show the Share numbers. I would prefer that to be zero. Under Responsive Width, I prefer keeping it Zero so that it's shown on all devices. Other important aspect here is you can customise the Follow Up message for someone who shares your post.

10) Once you have completed all the above posts, you need to Save and Continue.

11) Click on Get the Code at the top of your screen. Under HTML Website, just copy the code available. 

12) Now log into your Blogger account. Click on Layout and then on Add a Gadget. Add the gadget for HTML/Javascript. Name it as AddThis and paste the Add.this code there. Save the gadget.

13) Now visit Template, click on Edit HTML, search for Addthis. You would find the following code:

<b:widget id='HTML2' locked='false' title='Addthis' type='HTML' visible='true'>

Modify it as mentioned below (Just add mobile= 'yes'):-

<b:widget id='HTML2' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='Addthis' type='HTML' visible='true'>

This is an important step for the widget to be visible on a mobile device.
Save template and click on Back. Now click on the settings for Mobile template, select Custom and Save.

That's it!

You would be able to see the AddThis tool/widget on your mobile and desktop.

How to add AddThis on Blogger

Tejas Thakkar


  1. Thanks for your tutorial but i still can't get it right. I followed all the step down to html but nothing works, can you help pls

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Can you please share more details?


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