Friday 6 January 2017

Do Google Spreadsheets Rank in Search Results?

Do Google Spreadsheets Rank in Search Results? Answer is yes, they can!

This was also confirmed on Twitter by John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst - Switzerland. Here is the link to the conversation: Twitter.

Google Spreadsheets rank on Search Results

This implies, Google Sheets might rank in search results. Following this confirmation from John Mueller, I asked him a way to avoid crawlers from reading the sheets. Probably by keeping the sheets private? To this he replied that Google Docs are set to private by default. Hence they remain unindexed unless and until we make them public. 

Google Spreadsheets Private

One of my friends informed me that he read an article on how links on Google Sheets are counted as backlinks. This made me ask John the same question to which he gave a witty reply:-

Well this conversation ended on a rather funny note. But things we learnt here:-
  • Google Spreadsheets can rank in Google Search Results
  • Links on the Spreadsheets don't count as backlinks
Tejas Thakkar


  1. Links on spreadsheet don't count as backlinks - I think this needs to be experimented (He said do something useful instead)
    Don't do that - By this could mean this technique comes in the grey area...
    He didn't say a direct NO
    Anyways who knows

    1. Agreed. Somewhere I believe those links count.

  2. Thanks Tejas..! it is help full info to all SEO Guys

    Satish Kale :)

    1. You are welcome Satish. Will keep sharing more such articles.


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