Thursday 26 January 2017

Is AMP a Ranking Factor? Should I Implement AMP?

AMP is a highly trending concept in the SEO world. Webmasters are wondering whether to implement AMP or not? Is it a ranking factor?

To be honest AMP is still in its infant stage. If AMP is here to stay, we are bound to see a lot more updates related to it. There are several sites that have already implemented AMP. Some have implemented across the whole site while some have done it just for few static pages.

I tried making a Google search on mobile for 'mobile price online'. Here is the result:- ranks for its AMP version.

Similarly when I made a mobile search for 'cricket', the top stories were full of AMP pages:-

For those who are still new to the AMP concept:-

What is AMP?

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is a stripped down form of HTML that is designed to make fast mobile pages. 

Google believes a page created with AMP HTML should load 15 to 85% faster than the non-AMP version of that page. This is possibly because the reimagined version of HTML, i.e. AMP HTML cuts down elements like JavaScript and third-party scripts that cause pages to load slower on mobiles.

Is AMP a ranking factor?

Google's representatives have repeatedly said that AMP isn't a ranking factor. While few of the SEO experts have twitted at times about ranking improvement for AMP pages, there hasn't been a strong case so far.

Recently John Mueller confirmed on Twitter, AMP isn't a ranking factor:

Should I implement AMP?

As I said before, AMP as a concept is still in its infant stage. But then there is no harm in trying it out - only if you implement it correctly with all the AMP related tags in place.

To begin with you can implement AMP on your top 10 to 20 important pages that majorly serve static content. Or why not try it on your blog?

Above all, its all about serving fast loading mobile pages to the users. Why not also try making your existing mobile pages load faster? Even that is a good idea, isn't it?

This isn't a pleasant site for any of us:-

Tejas Thakkar


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