Wednesday 21 February 2018

Google now shows "More Results" on Mobile Search Result Page

Changes in search results page layout were never so frequent. Every other day we see something or the other new happening on the search results page layout. This morning I observed "More Results" button at the end of organic listings on mobile search, which in turn loaded next set of organic results.

I reckon Google started experimenting this last year in the US. The look and feel for the layout and "More Results" button was different then. Also the search results on such pages were probably limited to four instead of regular ten. This time I can see full list of regular search results along with "More Results" button. Maybe this is slowly rolling out in India now. Some of you might have already seen this earlier but this isn't uniform across all users.

I ran a query for "home loan" on Google mobile search and found this button at the bottom just after "Related Searches". I can see that for various other search queries.

Is Google getting rid of it's standard Pagination method of showing more results and taking a cue from Infinite Scrolling by adding "More Results" button at the end of search results? 

Excited to see so many changes being made in the search layout but I wish this could be less frequent. Talking about this particular change, this is definitely more user friendly where you can view more results at the same time check the earlier results by just scrolling up.

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